• Dec. 5th, 2011 at 6:53 PM
fadedsouls: (Justified - Raylan - Leaning BW)
Had my oral exam for my masters degree today, and I can now officially say that I have a masters degree in archaeology! And what grade did I get for my thesis?

I GOT A B!!!!!!!!!

I haven't stopped smiling for hours! All that hard work, and now I am finally done, and it was all worth it!

So for today, I plan on watching some more Justified season two, which I finally got on DVD (hence the pretty man in my icon). And then tomorrow I'll have to start thinking of MTYG and get that done as well.

Oh, and aside from finishing my thesis (writing about half in the last week, cause I like punishing myself or something), I also managed to get NaNo done this year! 37k word in ten days... MTYG should be a walk in the park shouldn't it (except I have no plot, at all...).

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