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Camp and other awesome things

  • Apr. 5th, 2012 at 7:33 PM
fadedsouls: (Justified - Raylan - Leaning BW)
It's almost time for Camp again, and as always it's going to be EPIC! I can't wait to see everyone again, and have at the very least one pixy stix induced sugar high. Still have to get my plane tickets though, but me booking those a few weeks before is nothing new. I keep telling myself that next year I'll book months in advance, and it never actually happens, lol.

In other news, I got offered field work for the spring!! The offer is from April 16th to the end of June, but I have no idea where I'll be (only that it's a couple of hours away, so I'll have to move away for a bit). I could be in one place, or bouncing about living like a traveling archaeologist in hotels and/or (more likely) camping sites. Still, it's a job, and it's valuable experience I'll need if I want to one day get a full time job.

And, best part, they are ok with me taking a week off for Camp, which is awesome!

It does mean I'll have to try and freeze my gym membership (I don't want to pay for two months when I won't be able to go for those months) and get my money back for my riding lessons. Still, it should be fun. Though, I do hope there is internet, as I don't think I can survive with just my phone and pad for the whole time. Yes, internet junkie = me! LOL.

So, yay job, and yay Camp. This is looking like it'll be quite the awesome spring!