You know the picture I am talking about

  • Jul. 10th, 2012 at 3:40 PM
fadedsouls: By willbelate @ LJ  (BSB - TIU tour - Team Backstreet)
So there's this picture all over the flist that is making me grin like there is no tomorrow. You know the picture I am talking about, the one with a FIFTH Backstreet Boy in it!

I may have squeee'ed a little when I first saw it, and now I just can't stop grinning! And I realize I need to get me some new icons, cause I need a group one with Kevin in it! He is already making up long and complicated sentences to answer simple questions about the new album, so now all we need is an interview where he reminds us that Brian is in fact his cousin, whom he has known all his life, and the WORLD WILL BE COMPLETE!

In more personal news, I have started to seriously do something about my weight. Sure, I've been working out for years, and have tried and tried and tried again to loose weight, but now, I am actually managing it. Only started a week ago, but am down 3 pounds already. Got forever to go, but it is a start!

And yes, the thoughts of a VIP Platinum pictures with ALL FIVE BOYS is really helping my inspiration and motivation to loose weight, as I want that picture to be perfect! They promised a tour next year, and they and well better deliver, cause I want a picture with them all damnit! LOL.

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