I got a new job!!!!!

  • Oct. 5th, 2012 at 4:49 PM
fadedsouls: (Justified - Raylan - Leaning against doo)
I haven't actually been posting much, so I haven't actually told you guys how I have been unemployed pretty much since this summer and been searching for a full time job and going kind of crazy not doing anything all day (seriously, doing nothing all day has been slowly driving me insane!!). All that is over though, cause today I got an offer for a new job!!!

It's customer support for a mobile phone company, and it's nothing special, but it's full time, and I start my training on Monday! I was at the interview earlier today, and for the call that they were offering me the job an hour ago.

And I seriously did the jumping up-and-down like a crazy person, which doesn't matter cause I was in my living room so no one saw (unless people was looking through the alarm company security cameras, but those are only supposed to activate if the alarm goes. If not, they have seen me do plenty of crazy things, so this should be nothing new).

So yay, I have a job, and England next year is thus financed!

For once, I want it to be Monday!

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