Mission accomplished

  • Dec. 20th, 2012 at 9:55 PM
fadedsouls: by Mette!  (Text - Writing - Open a vein)

And by that I mean I have submitted my MTYG story once again. I'm horribly about posting, or keeping up with my flist, I know this. But I do try, and I am really glad that once again I got my story inn on time. And this time, I am really quite pleased with the end result. Now I just gotta cross my fingers and hope my recipient likes it!

Of course, now I gotta wait for my own story! To whoever wrote or is still trying to write that, I already love it, because you, whoever you are little Santa, is writing it for me!

If I am terrible about posting again, I want to say it now.

Merry Christmas Flist.

I may not be around a lot to say it, but I love you all!

Happy holidays!

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