fadedsouls: (Lee Pace - HOT!)
First off, because by the GODS this needs to be first:

Because Nick Carter would wear tighty whities and a guitar. Also, is that Kevin as a bunny? I need to re-watch and figure out who the others are. They are wearing so many clothes, it's hard man. Also, let's be honest here, we all know I was focusing on Nick the entire time!

Now earlier, in a different fandom, I caught the Fort Look at the second Hobbit movie that Peter Jackson was doing on Livestream, and then somehow found myself on tumblr. Which is a dangerous place, especially in this fandom (I give you Smauglock, Durincest, and artwork that make Harry + Max seem freaking tame and innocent and child friendly). I mean, we all know I have read the odd Cartercest at some point, and written some KFC, but no. Juuuust no. And yet, I am still there. Mostly for the awesomeness that is Thranduil (Lee Pace), and of course favorite elf Legolas (and ok, I admit it, all the damn dwarves, every single one of them!)

So, picked up some beauties, that I have put beneath a cut, because I rock like that. Also, slightly spoilerish for the second movie, but then again, the book did come out in '37..

The #Thranduil tag includes gems like these:

Totally Lucius look-a-like btw!

Lounging on his throne like a Boss

There are also awesome caps of other new (and old) characters


Bilbo and the gold!


Poor Nori, his hair is all messed up! Also, HOT DWARF Kili!

And yeah, so there you have it, some of what I have found on tumblr. And I am now going back in, sanity be damned!

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