02 Tickets... Help!

  • Oct. 20th, 2011 at 7:22 PM
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So anyone happen to get a spare ticket for the O2 show? I'd love to go with the rest of Camp, but at this point it does not look like I'll get tickets. At least not now, and I'll be at work next week when the rest of the tickets go on sale, so...

At this point the FC page has been loading for the past 20 minutes, so I am guessing that means I won't get any tickets this time around....

EDIT: See post above for happy!me!

OH YES!!!!

  • Oct. 19th, 2011 at 2:09 PM
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Tour dates for NKOTBSB in Europe finally! YES!!! Hopefully I'll be able to get good tickets, as I am aiming for the London show with Camp.

And also, signed up for MTYG of course!

Week made of fandom!win.

It's the weekend...

  • Sep. 10th, 2011 at 3:53 PM
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It's the weekend, and I am giving myself time off. November 20th is too darn close for my liking, but there is nothing to be done about that. I am in the middle of chapter four of the thesis, with chapter two not actually written yet, and five, six, and seven yet to be written. And I am not even half-way through identifying all the objects for my thesis.

So basically, this is a HI to you all. I am still alive, though my days are spent a few feet under (storage facility at the museum is technically in the cellar, he he) in a thankfully nice and cool room, poking at wooden artifacts with a glove covered hand :)

I am really looking forward to being done with this, job or no job, and just being able to write what I want, and not have to put everything on the back-burner while I struggle to finish this in time.

I hope you are well, having fun, and doing tons of fun and sometimes fandom-y stuff! I envy you all, you bastards! ;)

I was sitting in the pouring rain...

  • Aug. 23rd, 2011 at 11:02 PM
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Last night I went with my writing group to see an American theater group perform Macbeth at the old fortress here. It was outdoors, of course, and this town being this town, it was POURING DOWN HARD for the first half of the show!! Luckily, I came prepared, and they were also handing out these see-through plastic thingys you could put over your coats. And it had a hood and everything. So, it may have been pouring, but I did not get soaked through, and today I do not have a cold. So YAY for that.

This writing group is the same people I met last NaNo, and we've been meeting at least once a month ever since, to talk about writing and television and everything in between. It's good to have people to talk to about the non-fandom writing :) It's also great, for even though they actually know about my popslash ways - and RPS is not their thing - they don't judge, or care much at all really. So with their help, I may just manage to finish NaNo in ten days this year. Cause, you know, I hand in the thesis on the 20th of November, so I have from then to the 30th to do my NaNo.

Now if only my popslash muse would come out and play. I know there is some Nick/Brian in there somewhere *proudly displays tinhat*, and maybe some Nick/Donnie hiding in the corners as well, he he.

Concert, but no BSB? Strange!

  • Aug. 17th, 2011 at 3:23 PM
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I'm off to the Rihanna concert here in Bergen now. 22.000 tickets sold to an outdoor concert in a city known for it's less than dry weather! ;) Luckily for Rihanna, it's a nice, warm and sunny day.Unlike Monday when it was raining buckets! She's got another concert tomorrow as well, and she is supposed to be in luck then too.

Am going with a small group of friends. We're gonna eat dinner first, and then head to the concert arena. It's strange though, to go to a concert that isn't a BSB one, with people who aren't my concert buddies!!!! *misses you all* The world is wrong!

If I get any good pictures I will post, but I am guessing we won't be front row, or anywhere near the front really, but it's not Backstreet, so I don't have to be. :)

Oh Shut Up Timberflake!

  • Aug. 8th, 2011 at 9:59 PM
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Justin Timberlake has said that he would have been successful without 'N Sync.


Read the rest of that insanity here.

Worst. Stan. EVER!

  • Aug. 7th, 2011 at 4:09 PM
fadedsouls: By willbelate @ LJ  (BSB - This Is Us shoot - Nick)
I just found out there is a Nick Carter app for iPhone. I am officially the WORST. STAN. EVER! It also comes with some pretty goddamn hot pictures, that I now want in a non-app form. I see googling in my future...

Oh Brian!!

  • Aug. 4th, 2011 at 11:14 PM
fadedsouls: By willbelate @ LJ  (BSB - This Is Us shoot - Brian)
Been watching NKOTBSB tour footage from YT today. Mostly just checking to see who might have it in good quality. (Yes, I forgot for a minute there that all I really had to do was DM JM at Twitter. Probably doing that after I post this, he he). Anyhow, watching what I think is the Chicago concert, and OMG BRIAN!!!

During The Call he either completely forgets the dance moves (and seem to be watching Howie for them sometimes, which it not a good idea since Howie is doing his best to avoid actually dancing at any cost) or he is just being his goofy self. And it's making me squeee like you wouldn't believe.

I seriously need this entire concert in good or great quality with good sound. Because you know there won't be a DVD (us non-US people are just not that lucky!), I may have growing love for NKOTB people - even though I have yet to get their album in my playlists - and the concert seems to be filled with fun! And sparking outfits!

HEEEE!! *acts her age....*

  • Aug. 2nd, 2011 at 2:16 PM
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Finally got my Pottermore account today!! Not quite happy with the username they gave me, so may try to get another account later in the week. Either way, YAY, I got in!!! Even got one for my mom as well. She's a bigger fan I I am when it comes to HP (her love for Snape knows no bounds), so I hope she'll be happy!!

Fic: No Captain Kirk Here

  • Jul. 30th, 2011 at 11:48 PM
fadedsouls: By willbelate @ LJ  (BSB - This Is Us shoot - Nick)
So I went and wrote fic. It's technically NKOTBSB, as it hints at a past crossover relationship. And it's kind of dark, and I'm not sure if my Nick voice is still working since it's been forever since I wrote anything non SeSa for the fandom.

It's un-betaed, because I wrote it in one sitting, and really just wanted to share. And it's a little all over the place, but I'm pretty sure that was intentionally. And no, it's not quite how I pictured my Nick Carter has no Captain Kirk to save him fic to be, but I guess someone else is just gonna have to write the fluffy story I actually wanted, since I seem only capable or writing this.

No Captain Kirk Here
[community profile] notsoinnocent HERE
[archiveofourown.org profile] aceetha HERE

So, first fic posted in ages. Scary!

Meme, YAY!

  • Jul. 30th, 2011 at 7:42 PM
fadedsouls: By willbelate @ LJ  (BSB - TIU tour - Nick want ur PDA)
In an effort to post more fandom related things (or, post in general), there is this, taken from [personal profile] turps

The Hypothetical AU Meme: Take any one of the fandoms you know I write AND give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, etc) or another time period (Ancient Rome, Regency England, etc). I will then explain the gist of the story I would write for that AU.

This is a Thesis Post!

  • Jul. 30th, 2011 at 1:40 PM
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I finally got my DW account upgraded again, and can now have more icons! YAY. Must add my McFassy icons here as well then. But this post is not about that.

It's about my GODDAMNED THESIS!!!!

As of right now, I am set to deliver on November 20th. That is, if the StudentWeb finally figured out I am in fact a student! It kept telling me I graduated in June, which I did not obviously. Then it tells me I am a student, and can sign up for classes, except the class I have to sign up for - the one that is basically my thesis! Because apparently I handed that in already...

And the people who has to fix this, are on vacation. So now I am trying not to loose my mind and keep going. Which I have to do, because I am probably about one to two months behind, even with my extension. Going through the artifacts from the Bryggen excavations is taking a lot longer than I had planned (there are some 50.000 plus wooden artifacts), and then I have to go through the database and double check my own findings, before I can even think about starting the identification and classification, not to mention dating, all of this I need before I can continue writing.

AHHH!! I just want to be finished!

I did apply to my first proper job two weeks ago though! Haven't heard anything yet, and I don't expect to for a few weeks yet, but it felt like a milestone!! And also, scary as hell!

For once, the party is only at LJ

  • Jul. 5th, 2011 at 1:34 PM
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SO I was gonna do a party post of sorts, to introduce my new icons from my new shiny fandom that has eaten my soul. I speak of course of McFassy!!!!!! I was never much of a comic book girl, but I do love the X-Men movies (even spend a whopping £3 to buy the Wolverine movie when I was at Camp), so when First Class came out, and there was hot slashy subtext (or, you know, ..text..)I was bound to be hooked.

Also, I have always had a love for James McAvoy, and I have now also discovered Michael Fassbender. Whom, I would just like to point out, I intend of marrying. And you are all invited....

But, back to my woe. For some reason DW doesn't like my CC (could be cause I am in the middle of moving and the address doesn't match right or something), but until that is fixed, I am stuck with only 15 icons. So Justified text icon it is a DW. Works well enough for my current DW mood. I luff you DW, but WTF I wantz more icons!!!!!

So yes, fresh new default icon at LJ (Fassbender), and who knows, at some point I may also change that layout. If I remember my PhootoShop fu at some point. And now, beneath a cut of course, some gifs that helped seal my McFassy love. Which, strangely enough, is more bromance than slashy hot NC-17 fic me now obsession. Who would have though I had that in me? ;)

Wherein I may or may not hotlink Tumblr! )

Back Home, and Other Important Things!

  • May. 28th, 2011 at 9:04 PM
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I made it back home last night. My train from Pen's had perfect timing, and I ended up with just enough time to browse the shops at Gatwick (and buy more DVDs and a case for my Kindle) before my flight. Got home late'ish, but still watched the first episode of V before bed (got the first season at Gatwick). Today was work for eight hours, then dinner, and am now dl'ing GoT and last weeks Who (for my collection as well as for mom). Will get caught up on all my others shows tomorrow (so still NO SPN spoilers please!)

Now, on to the Other Important Things I was talking about.

Since I now have a brand spanking new Kindle, I need fic to put on it. And, since my booksmarks have gone bye bye a few times over the years, they are now severely lacking! So, hit me with your faves from the following fandoms (Archive of Our Own links would be awesome)

Popslash (BSB/NSYNC, and I guess NKOTB if there is any BSB crossovers out there)
Stargate (Jack/Daniel, Cameron/Daniel, Sheppard/McKay mainly)
Supernatural (Wincest or Angelporn)
Vampire Diaries (First, NO JUDGING. Secondly, Damon!Stephan/Alaric/Tyler/Jeremy)

Or any other fandoms I tend to go crazy over or you think I should go crazy over ;)

And, while on the subject of Kindle, which program is the best to convert my pdf files to mobi for easier reading?

Last Important Thing (read:MOSTIMPORTANT)
If you have friended me in the last, oh, six months or so, please be so kind and POKE me to let me know. I am seriously bad at friending people, even after Camp, and you need to make me, because I want to do it, I am just BAD!

Camp Has Begun!!

  • May. 19th, 2011 at 3:29 PM
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At Pen's, still awake! IT HAS BEGUN!!!!!!


  • May. 18th, 2011 at 7:45 PM
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I am terrible at posting these days. Just had to post a little thing here:


Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)

  • Mar. 21st, 2011 at 3:35 PM
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Who can say no to a good music meme?

Read more... )

Listening party of one: I'm Taking Off

  • Feb. 3rd, 2011 at 12:40 PM
fadedsouls: By willbelate @ LJ  (BSB - This Is Us shoot - Nick)
Nick Carter just commented on how there is no Captain Kirk to save him...... Right, so, who wants to write THAT fic?!

Happy Birthday Mr Carter

  • Jan. 28th, 2011 at 10:39 PM
fadedsouls: By willbelate @ LJ  (BSB - TIU tour - Nick want ur PDA)
I was gonna put together a brand new picspam, but then remembered I have done that before, and would use a lot of the same images. So instead of uploading new ones, let me take you back in time!

We are going back, to 2008, when these were the pictures I uploaded to celebrate Carter getting older! Click the fake-cut and enjoy!!!!!

Oh, and from looking at my old posts, seems like two year ago, on this very date, was when I found out Howie was gonna be a daddy!!!

Cause this is all kinds of awesome!

  • Jan. 28th, 2011 at 3:19 PM
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If you haven't seen this already, take a look. It's Selena Gomez and her band singing to IWITW! And it's kinds awesome!

If it's not embedding for you (the code is there, but it won't for me right now) then go here.

No, I have not forgotten the day. Bday post is coming later, because I am and always will be a Nick!girl...

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