• Apr. 10th, 2010 at 2:41 PM
fadedsouls: By kari77 @ IJ (QAF - Brian/Justin - Kissing Dancing)
As my last post says, I have recently watched all five seasons of the US version of Queer as Folk. After handing in my methodology paper I was bored and needed something to watch, so I decided to re-watch that again.

At least I thought that was what I would be doing.

My first clue that something was amiss should have been the fact that I didn't have the series saved. I have a LOT of other crap saved, but not that. Didn't think much of it though, just found new links and started downloading.

At first, I thought it had been so long I didn't remember everything. Then somewhere in mid-season two it hit me. There were a lot of these episodes I couldn't remember having watched AT ALL! By season three, I couldn't remember anything, and that's when I had to accept the terrifying truth.

I have never watched all of Queer as Folk!

Oh yes, I am indeed the worst slasher ever! EVER!

There is no words for how ashamed I am to hold that title! But I deserve it!

So, making up for the lack of squeee'ing I have done about this show, this is where I start.

As with all new (read: old damnit) shows I fall head over heels for, the first clue I am hooked is when I go icon hunting. And come back with over ten new icons. Which I have done, and I did, and you can see them all at my icon page. 

I then find an OTP, which is Brian/Justin (no surprise there), though up until mid-season three I still thought Brian should just fuck Michael and be done with it already. Actually, I still think that!

And then I offer to share. Which I will. Meaning, I'll be bringing the full set to Sparkle for those who needs them, and for people not going I am sure we can figure something out. So if you want it/need it, let me know one way or another. :) 

My last step, find pretty images and wallpapers. Which I am on my way to do now.

I love this show!!!!

OK, all finished for now. Now you may all go ahead and throw dirty socks at me for being the worst slasher ever!