My head is spinning

  • May. 1st, 2009 at 8:15 PM
fadedsouls: (BSB - OTP)
So, let's see. I owe people ficlets, which will be written, just gotta find the time in between dissertation work, SPN fic hunting and general fangirling, and OMG!Sparkle squeee'ness.

But, there will be ficlets... And quite possibly shorty!crack, because I think I may have promised [personal profile] bubbleforest.

There could also be an SPN reaction post at some point. Something more than the following that is:


Show. Marry Me!

Not only short, totally spoiler free as well!

OK, so I created a community.

  • Apr. 20th, 2009 at 3:13 PM
fadedsouls: (BSB - OTP)
In order to have some sort of control over my fiction and atuff over here, I decided to create a community where I can post all of my stuff.

Not that I write that much or make stuff all that often, but you know, it does happen, so why not have it all in one place. (I'll still post graphics/caps etc on the LJ com as well of course).

So, here ya are. Still looking kinda crappy, but I'm not gonna bother too much about that at the moment.

[community profile] notsoinnocent

Also, I need more BSB icons. Like, more!!!