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I finally did it you guys, I ordered my iPhone4 today!!! And, if the info at the Apple store online is correct, it'll be shipped to me in about three weeks, so I'll have it in about a month.

*dances a hundred happy dances*

I've been waiting for it for months, and the stores here have ridiculous waiting lists if you pre-order with them, and the plans it comes with are more expensive (total for the first year) that getting it with no plan online. Even the Apple store in my town has over 100 people on their waitinglist, and they only get a few phones in a week! It's crazy! Thankfully you can now get it at the Apple Store online, which is what I did!

Now, do my new baby need a name when I get him? I think he does! Now, what to name him!??!


Also, which apps are must-haves? Aside from the lighsaber one of course ;)

IPhone people, I have a question!

  • Jun. 25th, 2010 at 8:45 AM
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This one is for the iPhone people on my flist (I know there are a few of you). How much data transfer would you say you use on average each month? I am looking at different plans I can get when I eventually get an iPhone.

I'm looking at different plans that come with 500MB, 1000MB and unlimited (last one is expensive!), trying to see what I can afford while still a poor student, so any insight into what you iPhone users have a month would be helpful!