March 23rd, 2013


  • Mar. 23rd, 2013 at 9:53 PM
fadedsouls: (Justified - Raylan - Leaning against doo)
Hiya guys!!!! Guess what?! I'm still alive. And lurking places.

Just wanted to check inn, and also say that my job finally got around to giving me a raise! Still making way less than I should given my education, but it's customer service, so it's hardly rocket science, and besides, it's not like they'll pay us more than they absolutely have to.

In fact, the only reason I got the raise in the first place is cause we have a new law regarding temp agencies, which states that we now are to be paid what they pay their full-time employees that do the same job. But hey, more money is more money, so yay!! Mostly cause this means I can totally afford to actually go to Camp this year!!!

Also requested time off for Camp, which should hopefully work out just fine. :) Now I just need the Boys to announce a tour sometime in the fall that the earliest, so I have time to save up for it. ;)