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  • Jan. 1st, 2000 at 10:20 AM
fadedsouls: (Default)
I have decided I need to write down the WIPs and soon-to-be WIPs I have, so that I can keep track, and [most importantly] so people know about them and I therefore cannot deny their very existence.


Eyebrows... (Roseverse)
How the Boys met the boys. And Kevin's eyebrows.

These Things (Nick/Ewan)
When Nick meets Ewan, there will be singing.. Musical!AU! I've been thinking about writing this one for years. And I do mean years!!

Child of Avalon (Thiery Chronicles book III)
It's been two years since Ashes was finished, and I still need to start this one. I do have a pretty detailed outline though, so hopefully once I get my head together I'll get it done!

Untitled (SG1 - Daniel/?)
Daniel isn't a member of SG1, and he's not really an archaeologist either... Nor does he think the pyramids are landing platforms for alien ships.... Stargate AU that's still mostly in my head.

more to be added shortly, have some stuff to go through first