March 24th, 2013

fadedsouls: (Lee Pace - HOT!)
First off, because by the GODS this needs to be first:

Because Nick Carter would wear tighty whities and a guitar. Also, is that Kevin as a bunny? I need to re-watch and figure out who the others are. They are wearing so many clothes, it's hard man. Also, let's be honest here, we all know I was focusing on Nick the entire time!

Now earlier, in a different fandom, I caught the Fort Look at the second Hobbit movie that Peter Jackson was doing on Livestream, and then somehow found myself on tumblr. Which is a dangerous place, especially in this fandom (I give you Smauglock, Durincest, and artwork that make Harry + Max seem freaking tame and innocent and child friendly). I mean, we all know I have read the odd Cartercest at some point, and written some KFC, but no. Juuuust no. And yet, I am still there. Mostly for the awesomeness that is Thranduil (Lee Pace), and of course favorite elf Legolas (and ok, I admit it, all the damn dwarves, every single one of them!)

So, picked up some beauties, that I have put beneath a cut, because I rock like that. Also, slightly spoilerish for the second movie, but then again, the book did come out in '37..

This way for the Party King! )

And yeah, so there you have it, some of what I have found on tumblr. And I am now going back in, sanity be damned!