T minus 7 days

  • Nov. 14th, 2011 at 3:29 PM
fadedsouls: By neaf @lj  (SPN - Sam/Dean - hugging)
One. Freaking. Week

In one week, my thesis has been handed in.

Hopefully with everything it needs, and with me happy about what I am handing in. Until that time, sleep is overrated, coffee is the new oxygen, smoking is back on (I am seruously killing myself trying to keep from going back to 5/10+ a day), and as far as a social life is conserned, its social life, WHAT social life???

And yes, panic attack #1 was had last night, I expect more of those, along with a few WTF was I thinking even trying to do this and one or two FUCK THIS!

So here's to seven more days flist, and then I can actually focus on my NaNo, spend time with friends, get my ass back to the gym, look at my MTYG assignment (followed by panic attack #37658475, which by then should be business as usual), and get get excited about camp next year and marathon NKOTBSB and NC vids on YT.

I miss you all.


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