• Apr. 10th, 2010 at 2:41 PM
fadedsouls: By kari77 @ IJ (QAF - Brian/Justin - Kissing Dancing)
As my last post says, I have recently watched all five seasons of the US version of Queer as Folk. After handing in my methodology paper I was bored and needed something to watch, so I decided to re-watch that again.

At least I thought that was what I would be doing.

My first clue that something was amiss should have been the fact that I didn't have the series saved. I have a LOT of other crap saved, but not that. Didn't think much of it though, just found new links and started downloading.

At first, I thought it had been so long I didn't remember everything. Then somewhere in mid-season two it hit me. There were a lot of these episodes I couldn't remember having watched AT ALL! By season three, I couldn't remember anything, and that's when I had to accept the terrifying truth.

I have never watched all of Queer as Folk!

Oh yes, I am indeed the worst slasher ever! EVER!

There is no words for how ashamed I am to hold that title! But I deserve it!

So, making up for the lack of squeee'ing I have done about this show, this is where I start.

As with all new (read: old damnit) shows I fall head over heels for, the first clue I am hooked is when I go icon hunting. And come back with over ten new icons. Which I have done, and I did, and you can see them all at my icon page. 

I then find an OTP, which is Brian/Justin (no surprise there), though up until mid-season three I still thought Brian should just fuck Michael and be done with it already. Actually, I still think that!

And then I offer to share. Which I will. Meaning, I'll be bringing the full set to Sparkle for those who needs them, and for people not going I am sure we can figure something out. So if you want it/need it, let me know one way or another. :) 

My last step, find pretty images and wallpapers. Which I am on my way to do now.

I love this show!!!!

OK, all finished for now. Now you may all go ahead and throw dirty socks at me for being the worst slasher ever!

There's nothing like a sleeping Sam

  • Apr. 10th, 2010 at 1:42 PM
fadedsouls: By neaf @lj  (SPN - Sam - sleeping)
Right, so I guess I haven't been around much lately. With classes and life in general, I just never got around to posting here, even though I have had stuff to talk about along the way.

So, now I'm gonna do it the easy way, with bullet points.

  • Second semester as a master student is going well. Finished my classes and paper for methodology by the end of March. Had to choose which methods I'll be using for my masters thesis, which also means I've now chosen a subject/area. I'll be writing about Medieval Decor on smaller wooden and bone pieces. The material will be mainly from the excavations at Bryggen in Bergen (excavated after a fire in the 60s).
  • Now only have two papers left for this semester. One due in May, the other in June. So basically I need to finish one before leaving for England, and the other as soon as I get back. With possibly some writing getting done in England (though I doubt that will actually happen). 
  • Had AJs CD on repeat for the better part of a month after I got it. After a while I realized I actually love London. Never liked it before, but now it's one of my faves. I also have a new love for Adam Lambert. I never cared when he was on AI and the flist was going crazy. Then I heard some songs, got the album, and now want someone to write Adam/Nick where Adam asks Nick out and Nick agrees for the heck of it. And then they fuck. Or something. There could be a plot, I suppose.
  • Will eventually post pictures from the concert last December. Honestly. I will!
  • Camp Sparkle FTW!
  • SPN is still awesome!
  • Have found one - maybe two - new songs to use in the musical. And if I get my act together, I may have a part to share soon, to get feedback on writing style etc.
  • Recently re-watched QAF. Then realized I was watching episodes I hadn't seen before. Like at all. Then realized I never actually saw all of them. Like, from the last two seasons, I hadn't seen any! At all!
  • Worst!Slasher!EVER!
  • Seriously!